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“I love being an orthodontist! Creating beautiful smiles and helping people improve their self-confidence is truly rewarding. Every day, I enjoy the friendships I have made with my patients and their families. My goal is for each patient to feel comfortable with me, my wonderful team, and most of all with every aspect of their orthodontic care. It is an honor for me to give my patients personal attention at each visit, and the amazing smile that will give them success!”

Dr. Stephanie Cornejo

Introducing Dr.Cornejo

Introducing Dr. Stephanie Cornejo, an esteemed orthodontist whose passion for her profession knows no bounds. With a deep love for creating beautiful smiles and uplifting her patients' self-confidence, Dr. Cornejo finds immense joy in the friendships she builds with each individual and their families.

Dr. Cornejo's educational journey laid a strong foundation for her exceptional skills and expertise. She earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania before achieving her Doctorate of Dental Surgery with high honors from LSU. Committed to excellence and seeking to broaden her knowledge, she completed a year-long residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at LSU.

Fueled by her passion for orthodontics and her love for working with children, Dr. Cornejo decided to dedicate her professional career exclusively to the practice of orthodontics. To further hone her craft, she pursued an additional two-year post-graduate residency in orthodontics at LSU in New Orleans. Under the guidance of renowned leaders in the field, Dr. Cornejo mastered the latest technological advances in orthodontics, earning her certificate as a Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

Dr. Cornejo's commitment to staying at the forefront of her field is evident through her engagement in continuous education. Throughout the year, she actively participates in professional orthodontic meetings, study clubs, and webinars, and keeps updated with monthly orthodontic journals and publications. She particularly revels in braces and clear aligner education, an ever-evolving area of orthodontics, which allows her to offer her patients an array of options for achieving remarkable orthodontic results.

As a dedicated member of various professional organizations, including the American Association of Orthodontists, Southern Association of Orthodontists, and Florida Association of Orthodontists, Dr. Cornejo stays connected to the pulse of her field.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Cornejo finds fulfillment in giving back to her cherished community of Winter Haven and the surrounding areas. She wholeheartedly believes in supporting local schools and programs that foster positive, fun activities for children, enhancing their confidence, self-esteem, and forming lasting friendships. Dr. Cornejo generously contributes to school programs and fundraisers, as well as sponsors a wide range of local children's sports teams, from soccer and baseball to softball, volleyball, dance, and cheerleading.

For Dr. Stephanie Cornejo, being an orthodontist is not merely a profession but a vocation of bringing joy and transformation to her patient's lives, one smile at a time. Her dedication to continuous learning, her love for her community, and her commitment to empowering young individuals make her an exceptional figure in the field of orthodontics. Living and practicing orthodontics in Winter Haven exclusively since 2002, we are blessed to have her in our community!

In addition to her illustrious professional achievements, Dr. Stephanie Cornejo's personal life is equally fulfilling and brimming with love. During her college years, she crossed paths with her soulmate, Rigo, and their love has flourished ever since, celebrating over three decades of an enriching marriage. Their complimentary match also flows into their professional lives, where Dr. Rigo Cornejo, DMD, MD is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who practices in the same building, so they often collaborate on patient care together.

The couple's happiness expands exponentially with the presence of their three wonderful children: Christian, Emma, and Grace. The children are the pride and joy of their lives, and throughout their lives, Dr. Cornejo has taken an active role in their activities and growth. She found immense joy in attending their soccer games “soccer mom”, cheering at dance recitals “dance mom”, and being a supportive presence as they tackle school projects and homework “PTA mom”. Now they are all grown up: attending college and embarking on careers.

The Cornejo household is still a lively and loving one with the adorable presence of their three cherished dogs: Cody the pug, Maya the German shepherd, and Charli Brown the shih tzu. These furry companions hold a special place in the family's heart, enriching their lives with warmth, affection, and fun. Charli is also an important member of the Cornejo Orthodontics team! He is at the office every day greeting patients and their families and is happy to provide snuggles and plays with younger siblings while older sisters and brothers are receiving their orthodontic treatment. Of course, our adult patients love Charli too!

When free time allows, the Cornejo family embraces togetherness, engaging in a wide array of shared activities. Playing soccer together, exploring the joys of boating and swimming, and bonding over movies create cherished memories and deepen their family ties. And what's more, they love to embark on exciting vacations, discovering new destinations and experiences as a united front.

Dr. Cornejo treats her patients and their families with the special care of a mom as well as a professional and experienced orthodontic specialist. She looks forward to meeting you and your family!

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