Cornejo Orthodontics is excited to help you with all of your orthodontic needs. Our ultimate goal is to craft a perfect smile that you are proud to show off.

We also provide services for dentofacial orthopedics and two-phase treatment.

Traditional Braces

Even though there are many types of braces, traditional braces are still the most popular option. Great strides in technology have been made since they were first used, so they are becoming more comfortable and effective. These braces use stainless steel brackets and archwires to help move your teeth into their proper position. With traditional braces you also have the option to customize your smile with colorful rubber bands that can be changed at each appointment!

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Clear Braces

We realize that the appearance of traditional braces is not for everyone, so we are pleased to offer clear braces for those who are seeking a more natural-looking treatment option. These braces are similar in design to traditional metal braces, but they are less noticeable and are still an effective option for orthodontic treatment.
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Invisalign Winter Haven, FL


Invisalign® is a modern, alternative way to straighten your smile without visible braces. Instead, we use clear, removable plastic trays (also known as aligners) to move your teeth. Each aligner is custom made to fit your teeth, and Dr. Cornejo designs a treatment plan just for you.

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After your orthodontic treatment is complete, retainers help to keep your smile beautiful by holding your teeth straight. We will work with you to find the proper type and fit for your retainer so that you can experience a comfortable and beautiful smile for many years to come!

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Surgical Orthodontics

In some complex cases, oral and maxillofacial surgery may be needed during orthodontic treatment. If your case requires surgical orthodontics, we will work with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to provide you with the best and most comprehensive care possible.

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Early Treatment

We encourage parents to seek orthodontic treatment for their children sooner rather than later. The earlier we detect problems with your child’s bite, the simpler they are to fix. In most cases, early treatment is more successful and generally quicker than delayed treatment. With less time needed for orthodontic treatment, you can also avoid the expense of more extensive orthodontic care in the long run.

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Adult Treatment Winter Haven, FL

Adult Treatment

Here at Cornejo Orthodontics, it is our goal to give our patients the beautiful smiles they deserve, regardless of age! We offer several different treatments that can be effective for both young patients and adults. If you have been wanting a straighter smile, it is never too late to seek treatment! We will work with you to find the best fit for your individual needs and aesthetic preferences to help you achieve your goals.
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Braces For Teens

Braces are quite common in teenagers, and we offer several different styles and design choices to make the experience as fun and customizable as possible. The first thing most patients wonder when they get braces is how long will they will need to wear them. There are many factors that will determine the length of treatment such as how early we catch the problem, what needs to be fixed, how your teeth respond to treatment, and how willing you are to follow directions. We will discuss your individualized treatment plan with you during your consultation. It’s always important to remember that braces are only temporary, and will leave you with a dazzling, life-long smile!
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